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Public Portal

A public portal can serve as a great tool to save time and money handling customer service by offered information and resources directly to the customer. Our team can conduct an analysis to identify the specific needs your organization has for a public-facing portal. Whether its offering documentation, an easy way to find an answer to a common question, or access to features that interact with the product or service, our team can build a concept and build out a portal right for your company.

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise portals serve as a powerful tool to large teams by offering custom features and resources to internal teams. Our developers build enterprise portals which solve infrastructural and administrative challenges with an easy-to-use interface. Enterprise portals can serve a number of purposes ranging from a way to access documentation to being able to communicate with large teams in an effective manner. Regardless of the requirements, our development team is ready to build your custom solution.

Our Process

Concept Development

It all starts with the original concept. When served with a challenge, our team determines the type of portal that would best solve the problem with the right features and organization. During this time, we pitch the interface to get feedback from the client to better understand any questions or concerns. Our experienced portal designers work to produce an interface and feature set that will enable the client to get the most out of their custom portal.

Data Consolidation

Our team can work to consolidate different data types and sources into a single location with filters and tools to control access. Our portals enable teams to quickly find the files and assets they need to get the job done with full control over who can access which resources.

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