Custom Web Development

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Custom Web Development

While content management systems have enabled users to launch their own websites with great features and control, often times there are limiting factors that require custom development. Our team has experience both building brand new websites from the ground up and performing custom development on top of a content management system. Whether you have a specific feature you’re looking to build or are looking to develop a plug-in that doesn’t exist on the market, our team has the knowledge and expertise required to make it a success.

How We Do It


Before we take on a project we want to make sure we understand the requirements thoroughly. Our web experts will prepare a presentation based on information we obtain directly from the customer to showcase how the feature would work, our insight on additional improvements on top of the original concept, and the development process to be used. We receive feedback from the client and make additional adjustments to put together a solid plan for development, testing, and implementation.

Development Process

Our development team begins working on the core framework for the project. We use different frameworks based on the requirements, whether it is a custom built website or a custom feature for an existing framework. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that every feature and functionality is properly documented and code is examined and approved by multiple team members to ensure high performance and compatibility with future development.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team will test the features and functionality in a test environment and will complete a test deployment. During this phase, the team uses testing management software to ensure that each feature is thoroughly vetted and updated based on user feedback and issues found during the quality assurance process. Once all of the issues have been resolved and the team is confident in the performance and stability of the software, it becomes ready for implementation.


Our implementation process involves the client’s own testing of the custom development before it is made live. Once the client is confident in the development, our team deploys it live. During this implementation process, the core team ensures that the deployment of the code is successful.

Continued Support

We guarantee the quality of our work. Often times modern technologies are updated to account for security exploits and innovations. Our team is available to make adjustments based on new versions of the used frameworks or web technologies.

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