Custom Ecommerce Development

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Custom Ecommerce Development

At we have seen first hand the frustration that many online stores can suffer when trying to offer a positive online shopping experience. While there are some powerful platforms available to online stores, it can be hard to find a definitive set of features that will satisfy all of one’s requirements. Our custom ecommerce development solutions can create plug-ins and custom shops that provide the types of features and functionality your online shop needs to succeed.

How We Do It


Before we can begin solving the issue brought to us a web development expert will conduct research relating to the problem being solved. If there are non-compatible solutions available on the market that have a relevant feature or functionality, research is conducted in how it works and what is achieved. This serves to help us understand how the feature should work and to determine the most efficient UI for the feature or function.

Planning and Development

Before any time is invested in development time will be spent creating a mock-up of how the feature would work visually. We share the mock-up and concept with the client to get feedback to ensure we understand the work completely and to ensure our idea will satisfy their complaints with their online store. Once the concept is approved, the development team will begin building it either as a plug-in or as additional code into the existing online store.

Testing and Implementation

Before launching any plug-in our feature, each of our custom plug-ins are tested by our quality assurance team to ensure it functions as expected under a variety of use case scenarios. Each new feature needs to pass three phases of QA testing to ensure that they function properly and take into account common issues caused by invalid data or situations where data is being delivered differently than initially anticipated.

Once the feature has passed the QA phase our development team works with the client to implement the new features into their online store.

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