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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to a strategy that digital marketers use to influence how their website is placed in search results in major search engines. Many web users use a search engine in order to find new websites on the web whether they are looking for something for entertainment or for business. SEO focuses on positioning a website as high as possible for search terms that are relevant to them.

To produce the search results in a search engines, the companies offering the search engines use spiders to “crawl” the Internet for websites. Regardless of the differences between each crawler and each search engine, this is the primary way that search engines learn about each website and all of the pages on that website to better understand what it is about.

Search engines use an algorithm to determine which pages have the most relevance and authority on a specific search term. At a surface level, if your page is seen as an authority on a specific topic and the search term is highly relevant to a page, there is a decent chance someone will find your website when they are searching.

How Does it Benefit Me?

Search engine optimization services take the hassle away from business owners and webmasters in determining what needs to be done to rank highly in search engines. Our SEO experts continue their education and training even after successful campaigns to ensure they are always ahead of the trends when it comes to how search engine operators are modifying algorithms.

At the core level, search engine optimization means more traffic and more potential buyers. Good SEO means more relevant traffic and buyers that are more relevant. Our SEO services offer an exceptional SEO experience backed by experience, in-depth research, and continued training and education.

Our Core SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization campaigns involve a variety of different factors that need to align in order to achieve search dominance. The elements that comprise our SEO strategy involve an initial analysis of the performance and needs of a particular website in order to achieve a top rating, effort placed both into and outside of the website, and continued re-examination of performance to ensure that efforts still produce results in an on-going basis.

Project Analysis

Before our SEO experts begin any implementation, thorough research is conducted to better understand both what the client hopes to achieve with their website and the efforts that must be invested to achieve them. It takes time to plan a proper SEO strategy. We do not offer simple packages for SEO as we feel SEO is simply not a “one-size fits all” solution. What works for one website is not going to necessarily work for another.

Our SEO experts perform an in-depth analysis into the website, into how search engines will perceive it, and the website’s presence in different channels including social media, bookmarking websites, and online directories.

Competitive Research

One of the most crucial areas when determining which strategies to employ in SEO involves an in-depth look at how the competition is performing and what the competition is doing to achieve results. At the end of the day SEO is a competition and the websites that rank high on the first page are the ones that are winning. We conduct research to better understand what strategies the winning pages are employing in order to see what the baseline performance will need to be to be able to rank higher than the websites that are already achieving prominent placement.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization focuses on optimizing a website and all of its pages in order to increase the relevance and authority of the pages. This involves performing keyword research to understand which search terms are most likely to yield results. Knowing your keywords and ensuring your website makes smart use of them helps search engines know what is important about your page. It enables search engines to connect your page with a search term and is the core philosophy of SEO.

Our SEO experts also ensure that common mistakes are rectified. Many webmasters and designers will make decisions that they believe will positively affect SEO performance, but can actually harm it. If search engines feel you’re acting too strongly, they may penalize a particular page or an entire website. Our SEO experts understand what can and should be done to be in the good graces of Google and Bing and to avoid falling afoul of the guidelines they present for webmasters.

Off Page Optimization

One of the strongest ways that search engines determine authority is by which websites interact with others and whether or not others see value in a website. While search engines do not publicize the factors they take into consideration, we continue to investigate how they determine authority for a website. Link building strategies, content marketing, and building a presence in social media are all ways that our SEO experts improve the off page performance of a website among numerous other creative strategies.


Our reporting serves as both a way to keep you apprised of the latest developments and achievements within your campaign and a way to ensure that we remain honest and transparent with all of our clients. We serve reports on a scheduled basis while also remaining in contact with our clients to ensure that we are serving their needs in an effective manner. We’re always available to discuss results and what they mean in the grand scheme of things.


An SEO expert’s job is never done. As algorithms change and competitors invest more, it becomes crucial to remain vigilant. Our SEO team monitors performance closely to see what competitors are doing, how algorithm changes affect search placement, and how external factors affect performance.

SEO Breakdown

Our SEO initiatives can be broken down statistically.

SEO Focuses

  • Content Development
  • Link Building
  • Local Search
  • Mobile Optimization
  • On Site Optimization
  • Reputation Management

Common Questions

SEO can be a confusing space. Our SEO experts have compiled the most common questions along with some insight.

It varies depending on the situation. In general, customers of SEO services see results in 3 to 6 months. It depends on the number of competitors for the keywords that are being targeted, the level of competition, and how much competitors invest in their own SEO.

Search engine optimization offers a steady stream of visitors to a website. While SEO is a continued investment, the results can be steady and can grow over time. In the long term, an SEO campaign can deliver greater results with a lower investment than other initiatives. In comparison to pay per click, you get long-term traffic whereas PPC delivers short term traffic.

Each SEO campaign we take on is a different strategy altogether. As a result, there is not a simple answer. Our SEO team will provide a free custom quote for your website based on the amount of work forecasted to achieve the desired result. We offer a no obligation analysis of your website to determine the amount of work required and the cost for that work.

Core Benefits of SEO

Having a strong SEO strategy in place offers a variety of benefits that most businesses should take advantage of.

The core benefit of SEO is the increase in traffic from search engines. This is an organic form of growth. While online advertising can offer quick growth, it requires an ongoing financial investment directly tied to the amount of results achieved. SEO is a growing investment that requires maintenance, but little cost on a per lead basis. SEO traffic is long-term growth.

A strong SEO strategy means being able to protect your brand name. Online buyers are spending more time researching the brands, products, and services they use. Having a strong SEO strategy in place not only ensures that your brand is the one they find, but all of the research they conduct is positive reinforcement for your brand.

Being seen as an authority is a competitive advantage. If people searching for the products or services you offer are constantly seeing your brand name appear, it builds you as an authority in the eyes of the general public. This has major advantages in not only SEO, but in general.

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