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Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is the crowned king of online social media. According to the PEW Research Center, 68% of U.S. adults use Facebook either at their computer or on their mobile device. Facebook’s advertising platform enables sellers to reach that large online audience through relevant and targeted social posts. Facebook’s advertising platform also offers access to 35% of the U.S. adults that use Instagram.

Why Hire marketingagency.io?

Online advertising can be a particularly difficult endeavor due to a wide variety of contributing factors. First, it’s important to know who the audience you are targeting is. It’s also important to understand how that target uses social media to be able to create intelligent ads that have a high chance of turning a view of a post into a click, and then into a conversion. It also takes both ongoing research and experience to be able to measure the relative performance of a campaign.

Our Facebook advertising experts have in-depth knowledge on how the advertising platform works, how to determine which audiences to target, and how to build creative and engaging experiences that convert. Before building a campaign, our experts ensure due diligence is performed to have access to relevant data about relevant audiences, top competitors advertising on Facebook, and how those social audiences engage on the platform.

How We Do It


To build an engaging campaign it is first important to discover what factors need to be in place for the campaign to be a success. Our experts conduct a discovery campaign to better understand the core audiences a campaign should target, how that audience engages through Facebook, and which competitors already have a foothold in Facebook advertising. This discovery process offers our experts the information they need to make educated decisions for the current and future direction of each campaign.


Employing a strategy first requires a strategy to be written. Our Facebook experts create a strategy based on both the research conducted during the discovery phase and historical performance of relevant audiences. The strategy involves understanding which ads are to target which audiences, which landing pages are to be used, and what metrics need to be achieved in terms of engagement and conversion. Once the strategy has been thoroughly vetted, implementation is done using proper tracking to be able to track and report on the success of each campaign.


The very nature of social media relies on engagement. Engagement means interacting with social media users. Online brands connect with prospective buyers through creative social posts, answering questions that users may have, and building a level of trust between the average social media user and the brand’s social presence. Our Facebook advertising experts create ads which enable a level of engagement that enables ads to achieve more than traditional advertising campaigns can.


A Facebook expert’s job is never done. Our Facebook ads management team are constantly reassessing each campaign to determine if there is a way to further improve performance. Whether it be through carefully constructed and timely ads, different landing pages based on new developments in the industry, or adjustments to take into consideration new developments within the brand, there are a number of different ways that our Facebook experts improve upon campaigns over time. Real data and statistics are used to make educational decisions on adjusting landing pages and creatives.

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