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Custom iPhone Apps

It’s no secret that the iPhone and iOS are a powerful platform with widespread use. Affluent mobile users choose the iPhone and iPad for their mobile experience and expect an exceptional experience from their applications. Our mobile development team has built innovative iPhone apps that deliver the premium experience the end user is expecting with development practices that pass Apple’s high expectations for apps on their platform.

If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, an iPhone application is a great way to put your products and services in front of a busy and increasingly mobile audience.

What We Do

Concept Development

Our development team can conduct research based on the type of software you’re looking to have developed to build a solid concept for development. We can work with your internal resources to develop an understanding of how your application should work, requirements for interoperability with existing solutions, and the challenges that need to be overcome. Our development team can then develop a strategy to overcome those challenges to deliver a high quality iPhone app.

UI Design

The user experience can be challenging in of itself. Mobile interfaces differ greatly from desktop interfaces. One of the major challenges that many software developers face is way that touch screens interact with apps. Our design experts can create a user interface that is easy to use from a touch interface while offering all of the same options and features found in modern apps on desktop interfaces. Our designers work to ensure the end user can figure out the mobile app with minimal effort and guidance. We believe in the “show don’t tell” concept of UI design.


Before we build a mobile application, we make sure we go through prototyping and wireframing to showcase how the app will function. Each application we design goes through an approval process to both ensure that our quality assurance team checks it and to ensure the client approves the application in terms of the user experience and the functionality.


Many iPhone developers find it difficult to work with Apple through their approval process. Our iPhone developers understand what Apple requires from their mobile applications and can guide the application in the direction required to have it approved. We guarantee our ability to have a mobile application approved to be published in Apple’s walled garden.


If you’re already offering a software solution, we can ensure that your iPhone or iPad application will be able to work with it. Whether you’re porting your software to the iPhone or are looking to offer a convenient version of the software, we can ensure your software will be compatible. We can work with web services as well as desktop software to allow for the mobile software to connect to and operate in tandem with the original software.


Changes in the underlying technologies are unavoidable. Apple makes changes to both their iOS operating system in addition to the mobile devices they produce each year. Our development team can work to ensure continued compatibility with future devices and can work to make adjustments to a mobile app as its compatible softwares are updated. Our maintenance team can work to improve performance and maintain hosted services required for the app to operate efficiently.

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