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Custom Android Apps

Android has become the de facto standard for mobile applications with a high level of compatibility across a wide range of mobile devices. Android continues to evolve into an all encompassing mobile platform empowered not just mobile phones and tablets, but becoming integrated into the “Internet of Things”. It provides a powerful framework for software developers to create mobile experiences that enable users “on-the-go” to have access to the software they need.

For businesses that offer an online experience this gives them the opportunity to attract new customers that require a mobile solution. Not having a mobile app can be a reason for a potential customer to select a competitor. An Android app can leave a positive impression on a prospective buyer.

Our Development Process

Each of the Android apps we develop go through a unique development process. We’ve designed this process to ensure that we create Android apps which solve the business challenges of our customers. We ensure each app we produce is properly tested across a number of devices to offer exceptional compatibility and an exceptional user experience.

Concept Development

When building a unique concept our development team conducts research to both understand the project, each feature required for the application, and what they expectations are in terms of connectivity to existing software. During this time our team will produce a wireframe of the application and documentation to provide the client with a view of how our developers perceive the mobile app.

Feedback Cycle

When receiving feedback from the customer as well as internal testers, we go through a feedback cycle to solve limitations and implement feedback into the original prototype of the application. During this time, we work with the customer to ensure they approve of all aspects of the mobile app and work with internal QA staff to ensure the application will meet both our standards and the standards of any app store the app will be published on.

Development & QA

Our Android apps are developed using industry standard and proprietary development tools enabling the app to be tested as it is developed. This allows for a more agile approach to development as potential issues are discovered from the very start. Even when features are considered to be in their final stage the QA team will test it from a variety of perspectives and using a variety of different Android devices. Each Android application goes through three stages of testing to ensure that the application operates as expected.


Different Android apps aim to solve different business challenges. Each app goes through the implementation phase where it is submitted to an app store or is submitted to the customer for approval and implementation. For apps developed for internal use, our team works with IT management staff to roll the application out to those that need access to it and to help IT staff manage the application.

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