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Custom Mobile Apps

With the digital shift away from desktop computers and towards mobile phones, many buyers expect for businesses to have a mobile presence. While mobile websites do a great job of giving web users access to online resources on mobile devices, mobile apps are the most effective way of reaching web users and offering customers the value they need to remain on board. If your brand isn’t offering a mobile app experience, it could be losing both potential and existing customers.

What We Do

iOS Development

We can build and deploy mobile apps for iOS. Whether you’re looking for an internal tool to expand your own offerings to your employees or are looking to offer a mobile experience to current and potential customers, our mobile development team can help. We have experience in building custom mobile apps which pass Apple’s difficult quality requirements and rules for publication in their app store.

Android Development

One of the biggest challenges with Android development is the fragmentation of Android devices. Our Android developers have extensive experience working to ensure that each app we design and develop works with the most popular devices and the most popular versions of the operating system. They also work hard to ensure that future versions of Android are supported and to take advantage of new features as they are released for the Android ecosystem. We remain ahead of the curve so you don’t have to.

UI Design

Mobile devices present a number of design challenges that many developers fail to take into account when designing an interface. Touch screen devices can make it difficult to size up buttons, build useful features, and offer interactivity. Our designers have years of experience in building interfaces that are easy to use on a wide variety of devices and can work to ensure that your mobile app isn’t frustrating to use. Easy of use is the biggest factor that can separate a good mobile app from a bad one.

Software Compatibility

If you’re looking to offer a mobile version of a software you’re offering or unique features that your product or service offers online, we can work to ensure that your mobile app is compatible with it. We have experience building mobile versions of software that can communicate with web apps or desktop applications. We can also port your existing mobile app to new platforms or work to port online software to a mobile experience without sacrificing usability.

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