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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the evolution of online marketing strategies which aim to connect buyers with products and services. How content marketing differs from general online marketing and advertising lies within the intent of the marketing.

Web users are inundated with content at all times as they browse the web. Many consumers have become wary of online advertising and brand pitches to a point where these efforts are seeing reduced results. Content marketing aims to address those issues by offering a more natural approach to building a brand with a target audience.

By producing quality content and insight for web users which helps them draw a conclusion on a product or service they may need, the reader will naturally become more willing to try the product or service. Content marketing aims to entice web users into making a purchasing decision through more organic methods that feel less like an advertisement or endorsement.

How Can It Help My Business?

Content marketing helps a business establish its presence by developing it as an authority within its industry. Buyers are more likely to engage with a brand that they trust over ones that they see advertising. While advertising can certainly work when a buyer is actively looking for a solution, content marketing acquires buyers by building the trust needed to make the buyer come to their conclusion at the time they have decided to engage.

Content marketing builds trust in branding. Content marketing serves as a way to help a buyer connect the dots and come to the conclusion that your business is their ideal solution.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing provides businesses with a number of different benefits. To understand what content marketing brings to the table, it's important to look at the short-term and long-term benefits.

Content marketing involves creating unique insight and articles which others will find interesting. As a result of that unique insight, the articles will be linked to and shared by others on the web. This leads to an increase in traffic.

When your brand produces insightful and impactful content, others will view it and become accustomed to your brand. This leads to others within your industry including those that purchase from it become aware and connected to your brand.

The quality content, online sharing, and social engagement achieved through content marketing is known to have a strong impact on search performance. Over time, engaging in content marketing will have a strong SEO benefit.

If buyers feel that a company is an authority on a matter, they are more likely to trust that brand. Content marketing helps build a level of trust between the brand and the buyer by showcasing a clear understanding and mastering of important concepts.

How Can Help?

Our content marketing experts understand the online culture and the importance of maintaining a natural presence online. We’ve worked with numerous online resources and publications and can create engaging content that offers a buyer both insight and trust in your brand. Our unique content marketing strategy achieves long-term results and offers numerous benefits in both increased sales and SEO benefits.

No two businesses have the same content marketing needs. As a result, no two content marketing campaigns are the same. Each campaign we take on is custom-tailored based on each client’s needs and the efforts required to solve them.


Before we begin a content marketing campaign we first need to understand the client, their brand, and the target audience they are looking to reach. We also need to understand which competitors are already engaging in content marketing, which channels they engage with, and the relationship they have with that channel’s audience. During this time, we connect with the client to ensure that we understand both the problems they are facing and any marketing they have already engaged in to try to solve those problems.


During discovery our team uses what we know about the client and their industry to discover different ideas for content and different channels where the content would be highly relevant and visible. Discovery serves as a way for the content marketing team to build a plan of action and to determine the best way to connect the client’s brand with the audience of each channel.

The Creative Breakdown


Content creation is arguably the most important aspect of a content marketing campaign. Building interesting and innovative content requires in-depth knowledge of a topic and the ability to summarize it in a way that is readily accessible to the average member of the target audience. Our writing staff is comprised of talent writers that have specialized knowledge, giving us a pool of knowledge we tap into to ensure that each article is unique, engaging, and knowledgeable.


Content syndication is an important part of the content marketing process. During this process, our team connects with different channels to determine their editorial guidelines, their flexibility in working with brands, and the types of content they are willing to publish. Our writers work with the different channels to produce articles that match the target audience with a natural link or connection to quality content on the client’s own website or pointing them in the direction of the client.


Understanding the value of content marketing is important. Our reports highlight the efforts our content marketing team has made, the results of those efforts, and what that means for the client. We offer online reporting so clients can check at any time the progress of their campaign.

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